Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome to Cooking With Daria!

This morning, after I played a game of "Clue" with my parents (and I won!), we were hungry. I asked my Mama if I could make some Peanut Butter Roll Ups and she said yes! I learned to make Peanut Butter Roll Ups at Kids College earlier this summer. My Mama asked if I wanted to do a cooking show when I made them and she would record me, kind of like Rachael Ray. So that is how Cooking With Daria began!

I hope you will enjoy my new blog. Keep checking in to see what I'm cooking up next!

Happy Cooking,



  1. Daria, you did a fantastic job! My 4-year old son watched this video with me and wants to make them this afternoon. Keep the great recipes coming!


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